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My DVLA Memoirs

New vehicle charge rates

The way vehicle duty is computed will change for autos and some RVs that are initially enlisted with the DVLA from 1 April 2017.

Here is the thing that you have to know in case you're considering purchasing another vehicle.

You're not influenced if your vehicle was enlisted before 1 April 2017 - check your vehicle assess rate to discover the amount you'll have to pay.

The new rates

The sum you pay the first occasion when you assess your vehicle depends on CO2 discharges. Check the vehicle charge rate tables to discover the amount you have to pay.

The sum you pay the second time you assess the vehicle relies on upon the sort of vehicle. You'll pay:

£140 a year for typical petrol or diesel vehicles

£130 a year for option fuel vehicles (half and halves, bi-ethanol and LPG)

£0 a year for vehicles with zero CO2 discharges

New vehicles that cost more than £40,000

On the off chance that you purchase a vehicle with a rundown value (the distributed cost before any rebates) of more than £40,000, you'll pay a rate in view of CO2 outflows the first run through it's saddled.

When you impose it for the second time you'll pay one of the new rates (contingent upon the vehicle) and an extra rate of £310 a year for the following 5 years.

Following 5 years, your vehicle will then be saddled at one of the new rates once more.

Check the rundown cost with your merchant so you know how much vehicle charge you'll need to pay.

Know your vehicle charge rate

You can check the assessment rates for all vehicles in case you're considering purchasing another or utilized vehicle.

You can likewise apply for markdown on your vehicle charge in the event that you assert certain advantages.

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